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Protecting your business is vital to every owner. Random and targeted businesses face new threats of attack every day. Some can pick up the pieces but at a significant cost. Some companies do not survive it. Then some businesses are back up and running quickly, almost as if nothing ever happened.

Businesses that use managed IT services are committing to protecting their business, employees, data, and customers. If your company lacks managed IT services and you have not yet embraced IT security, it is time to say “YES!” and give your business the first-class IT support it needs to get protection from the numerous IT threats that exist every day.

Managed services allow you full IT support without hiring in-house IT support staff. You get network and technology experts on-call when you need them without having to pay a full-time team. You save money, and you have someone keeping a close eye on your network. If you don’t work with an IT support company or managed service provider (MSP), it is strongly recommended that you do!

Here are a few reasons why managed IT services are vital to your business:

Proactive service that is unmatched. IT support that is proactive is KEY. Hackers and cybercriminals are smart and persistent. Managed services will give you access to an outside team of brilliant people and systems to identify IT problems before they become problems.

In addition, proactive managed services ensure your necessary network hardware receives regular updates, security patches, reliable data backups, and daily maintenance. We help keep your business protected while minimizing downtime, which affects your bottom line.

It helps you save money — and set your budget. Dealing with problems after they become problems is expensive. Hiring in-house IT expert staff is expensive. It’s one of the reasons why many small to medium-sized businesses don’t invest in good IT support. Managed IT service takes away the sticker shock.

You get the specific support you need, and you pay a flat fee every month. It keeps your IT budget more predictable and manageable. And because managed services are customizable, you can put together a specific plan for your business and pay only for those. As your business grows or evolves, your managed IT services are easily scalable with it, keeping your costs predictable and tech working reliably.

It protects you in ways you don’t think of. Your MSP will mitigate malware, ransomware, even phishing scams, and deceitful hacks. You’re protected by advanced monitoring programs, high-end hardware, and old-fashioned human knowledge and experience. Managed service providers can even help you plan redundancies for natural disasters, such as fire or flood, or hardware failures. These things are impossible to predict yet possible to have a plan to recover quickly.

We can also assist you when it comes to compliance. There are many industries where compliance is essential, from banking to health care to wholesale/retail. Using a Managed IT service means your network is up-to-date with all the fine print. You don’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks or breaking compliance, which can lead to all kinds of costly catch-up.

It gives you TIME. This is the most precious commodity of all. If you’re scrambling to deal with network issues yourself — or trying to — Wouldn’t you instead focus on growing your business and caring for customers?

When you bring managed IT into the team, you have less to think about. It is as close to “set it and forget it” as you can get as a business owner. Your MSP handles your IT while you conduct your business — and we collaborate when you need to. You can rest assured that we monitor your network and that quick answers are a phone call or email away.

This only scratches the surface of why managed IT services are so important. Stop putting it off and make the phone call. Protect the future of your business!

Protect the future of your business!