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You constantly search for new tools when trying to streamline business operations. Without the latest technologies, it’s nearly impossible to stay ahead of the competition, scale, or grow your company.

Productivity tools make your job easier, allow remote operation, streamline communications, and improve flexibility. Office 365 is a productivity suite designed by Microsoft specifically to help companies succeed.

Such tools as Microsoft Word, Excel, Exchange, Teams, and SharePoint have already become integral to many business operations. The cloud-based Microsoft solutions from Office 365 work seamlessly with each other.

Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of Office 365 for your business.

Remote Operations

Since remote workers tend to be as much as 40% more productive than on-site workers, many companies offer remote operation opportunities. Flexibility with working hours is becoming one of the key elements candidates consider when choosing an employer.

That’s why most companies are offering their employees remote operation opportunities. Office 365 provides many employees with the tools necessary to ensure seamless remote work.

As long as workers have a computer (laptop, tablet) and internet connectivity, they can take advantage of Office 365 services. Since this suite is entirely cloud-based, it can function anytime and anywhere.

Remote Business Collaboration

If your team consists mostly of remote employees, seamless communication and collaboration can be hard to arrange. While many workers learned to operate remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, some never figured out how to achieve previous communication levels.

When your employees don’t have an opportunity to interact face to face, they need tools to do it remotely without losing operation quality. Project collaboration, questions and answers, information sharing, and other communications must happen quickly or in real time.

Office 365 for business offers excellent communications possibilities. For example, Microsoft Teams allows you to work on the same project together, access files, share and edit documents, arrange conferences, and more.

While many such tools exist, having Microsoft Team as part of the 365 package keeps you from searching for other options.

Virtual Communication

When your team needs to communicate virtually, it requires easy-to-use tools. Even if your employees don’t work remotely, they may require virtual communications and data sharing with clients, other branches, and management.

High-quality communication tools can play a major role in your company’s operations. Data sharing may be required for quick corporate decisions or for supporting an important client. The lack of instant messaging options could cost you a good deal, a loyal customer, or even an employee.

Microsoft’s Office 365 for business has many tools for companies that need effective communication options. Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and others work great to simplify and remotely streamline your team’s communications. All they need are employee mobile devices and an internet connection.

Cost Efficiency

Many companies are always looking for ways to save on software. Unfortunately, the variety of apps you need for running a business is so overwhelming that expenses are often unpredictable.

A huge benefit of Office 365 is that it’s extremely cost-efficient. Since this suite is SaaS, you must pay monthly fees for using it. You can choose plans according to your company’s and employees’ needs. This can cut costs significantly and help you scale with predictable costs.

You could purchase different options for different employees depending on their level of access or needs to complete certain operations. You can also buy additional capabilities for certain users.

Microsoft gives you a simple comparison of all available plans to help you cut costs and choose the most efficient option for your company.

Security Options

When working with virtual software, you may be worried about security issues. Office 365 solved this problem by implementing advanced security features. This subscription-based service receives regular updates that prevent any security breaches. All updates are automatic, so you don’t have to worry about checking for security patches and implementing them on time.

Top Office 365 versions, such as Business Premium have advanced security features that help you keep data safe and enjoy peace of mind about network security.

Just because Business Premium has advanced security doesn’t mean that other plans don’t have excellent security measures. Office 365 for business is one of the most secure SaaS options on the market.

Excellent Storage Opportunities

If your business has data sharing and storage requirements, Office 365 is a great choice. It provides excellent storage and file-sharing opportunities with OneDrive. You can easily store files in OneDrive while working on a project.

All employees who need to work on these files can gain access from any employee’s mobile device or desktop computer. With advanced security options, Office 365 for business ensures that files and data stay safe no matter where and how you access them.

You can share files with employees, customers, managers, other branches, and anyone else. This can simplify collaboration and communication with your partners.

By taking advantage of SharePoint, you can share and manage all documents through secure channels. You can send documents to clients or management for approval or editing without worrying about security issues.

Data Analytics

Besides providing high-quality services and collaboration tools, Office 365 for business offers excellent data analytics. By gathering and analyzing various types of data, the suite can help you understand the quality of collaboration, the efficiency of employee operations, customer needs, and much more.

With insights provided by this SaaS, you can make valuable improvements to how your company works.

AI-Powered Tools

If you are looking for a set of tools that use artificial intelligence to make valuable suggestions, Office 365 is a great solution. This suite uses AI to offer layouts for customer presentations, learn your preferences, suggest images, and much more.

This can help you create high-quality presentations without wasting time on inefficient manual searches.

The best AI-powered features in Office 365 include MyAnalytics, Intelligent search, Microsoft Office translate, Microsoft Excel Insights, and Microsoft Graph. They can streamline your collaboration, communication,  calculation, and presentation efforts tremendously.

Excellent Support

When you choose Office 365 for business, you can take advantage of round-the-clock Microsoft support regardless of your plan.

You can get immediate support over the phone or online. Accordingly, any glitch in the system or problem with one of the tools can get resolved within minutes.

Microsoft is well-known for its excellent business support options. This makes using Office 365 business tools easier and more convenient.

Social Tools

Socialization is a big part of a healthy workplace environment. Meanwhile, social content can drive productivity, employee satisfaction, and operation success. Since your employees most likely know how to use such social media as Facebook and Instagram, they won’t have a problem getting to know Office 365 social features.

Microsoft Office 365 offers high-quality social enterprise tools like Teams and Yammer. Your company can create groups, discussion threads, and other communication features to streamline virtual interactions.

This can simplify operations and improvement projects that require constant answers to specific questions in the format of immediate responses. Questions and answers remain within the tool to help others find information whenever necessary.

Searching Capabilities

Even the smallest companies have a large amount of data that can be hard to organize and search. Documents, files, projects, images, content, and all other information has to be available to employees whenever they need it. Unfortunately, only a few companies have an efficient data storage and search system.

Microsoft Office 365 offers enterprise search capabilities. These tools for browsing content create an amazing search experience. Recently, Microsoft added a feature that allows you to add external resources to your internal records to simplify the search even further.  

Driving Innovation

Regardless of your company’s goals and mission, innovation is likely near the top of the list. Office 365 for business allows your company to enable and foster innovation by providing all the tools needed to streamline collaboration, communication, decision-making, and operations.

You empower your employees to become more productive, engaged, and driven by providing the right tools. This, in turn, can reduce turnover rates and help you become an employer of choice.

Excellent Email Tool

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most efficient email tools that forward-thinking organizations worldwide turn to. Besides having many exciting features, this tool offers substantial storage.

You don’t have to worry about business emails getting lost or disorganized. Microsoft Outlook keeps them safe.

The Takeaway

Microsoft Office 365 for Business is a set of high-quality SaaS tools that can help businesses grow, develop, and improve operations. Office 365 can become an excellent solution for many companies with various options, plans, and features.

You can choose a suitable monthly payment plan depending on your budget, the number of employees, and company needs.